Yard Sale Treasure!

I spent a couple hours over the course of the weekend fixing up a yard sale find, and I thought you might like to see what I did -and how easy it really was!


It was missing the left side (you could see all the drawers) and the legs were messed up in a way that’s hard to explain (general wonkiness). But I loved the lines, the drawers are all dovetailed and they worked great. It was just the size I needed to solve a serious lack of storage issue in my bedroom. And it was $10. Very hard to pass up for $10.

First, I cut off all the legs. When I did so the bottom was still uneven and there was no flat surface to attach new legs. I had some cool metal ones already waiting to be used. I had purchased them for $12 for another project. Anyway, I decided to go and get a 3/4″ piece of MDF cut to size (18″x 54″) to make a new sturdy and even bottom. While I was at the hardware store I also got 1/4″ thick piece of plywood to cover the open left side. I had to cut it to fit myself with a circular saw and a jigsaw (there were a couple of little notches that needed to be made). It was pretty easy and my children were extremely impressed by my use of power tools.

I screwed and glued the wood pieces on, drilled holes for the legs and screwed them on. I removed all the hardware and had the kids clean it. I lightly sanded the whole thing and then painted it. I brushed on two coats of metallic silver- I was very precise with the direction of the brush, since the strokes are really apparent in the metallic. I covered it with two coats of the poly and sprayed the hardware gloss white. Using the same hardware was a huge time and money saver – and no hassle trying to match up those holes! Plus, I think they are pretty cool.


Here is the finished result! It probably only took about six hours, if you discount the time spent waiting for the paint to dry in between coats. I am now obsessed with this paint finish and am looking for more places in my home to use it. I think it would be absolutely fabulous on a powder room vanity!

Posted by Emily Campbell