To Die for Tacos!!

So while on vacation I went to several restaurants with great food and interesting designs! One was called The Taco Bar in Jaco Beach. Jaco is a beach town filled with eateries and souvenir shops…the beach is filled with locals trying to get some respite from the sun and hot temperatures. We walked along the strip looking at all the wares – one shop after another filled with jewelry, clothing, wood carvings and surf boards. From off the main strip we spied the Taco Bar sign (a cool logo of a fish skeleton advertising killer fish tacos)..famished we headed in that direction to grab some lunch because after all fish tacos are the best!!

The Taco Bar ended up being one of my favorite stops for food! Wooden swings hang from the ceiling around the bar! Too clever!! The bar surrounds the large menu of offerings where you place your order. Once your tacos are ready it’s off to the toppings bar (also in the center of the bar) that is filled with one amazing food after another. There was a beet and olive salad that was out of this world. The fresh ingredients complimented the grilled Mahi Mahi and Whahoo fish tacos I ordered. I had to try a little bit of everything since I knew I wouldn’t get another chance!! To top the whole thing off I ordered a frozen lemonade infused with mint and ginger!! Unbelievable!! So glad we stumbled on this place!!


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