The Future of Cooking

IFA is Europe’s largest consumer electronics show held annually in Berlin. This year, several appliance manufacturers premiered new technology that has the potential to be game-changing. One was German appliance manufacturer Miele, which introduced its Wi-Fi enabled Dialog oven. The Dialog oven uses electromagnetic waves (similar to microwave, but with vastly different results), traditional radiant heat from the top and bottom of the oven and a convection fan. As opposed to a conventional microwave, the Dialog oven’s electromagnetic waves are extremely precise. The Dialog oven uses the same technology used by physicians to keep organs at specific temperatures during transplants.

At IFA, Miele used its Dialog oven to cook a piece of cod that was embedded in a block of ice. The ice did not melt, but the fish was cooked perfectly. What may be most appealing about the Dialog oven is that it will enable anyone to cook meals perfectly at the touch of a button, even those who don’t like to cook or don’t believe they have the aptitude to prepare meals. The oven comes equipped with approximately 100 chef-tested recipes that are stored within the appliance. As the cod demonstration showed, the oven can cook different types of food simultaneously. This is because of Miele’s M Chef technology, featuring two question-mark-shaped sensors in the oven that give and receive frequencies that correspond to the molecules of food. With constant feedback from sensors, the oven can intuitively apply the correct electromagnetic waves to perfectly heat a rib roast, for instance, while also simultaneously adjusting and applying the right level of energy in order to perfectly cook the vegetable accoutrements next to it. Miele touts that the oven is able to “talk” to food – hence the name Dialog oven.

The Dialog cooks food 70 percent faster than a traditional oven. The Dialog oven will be unveiled first in Germany and Austria and is expected to make its way to North America sometime in 2019.

Miele is not the only appliance manufacturer developing cool new technology. At IFA, Sharp premiered a new refrigerator that has a vacuum sealer built into the door. AEG released its Wi-Fi enabled oven that has a camera built in the door that can identify different types of food and cook them automatically, using technology similar to face recognition software. This new oven is expected to come to market in 2019.

Samsung, LG and GE all offer appliances that can communicate with a smart phone or tablet.

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