Spring time=Garden time!

I love Spring time. It’s just starting to get warm after months of frost and there’s so much promise in the air. It’s like you can smell the sunshine. My first thought upon going outside was, “when can I start my herb garden?” Using that as my inspiration, I scoured the web and here are some of my favorite quirky garden ideas.

On the website Dump A Day, they had several fun planter ideas, but my favorite was this beautiful bike. They painted it, attached baskets to the front and back, and planted flowers in the baskets. Not only could this be done inexpensively (most people have old bikes in their basement) it looks amazing.

They also had this clever idea for a DIY outdoor Tic Tac Toe game, using paving stones and painted rocks. This is perfect for households with children. If the stones are lost, you can just make more. It’s durable too.

Apartment Therapy and Real Simple posted these great recycled Croc planters. They do double duty because you’re saving the planet by recycling and the holes in them serve as great irrigation when watering. They also come in fun colors.

The Mirco Gardener suggests using old buckets, milk crates, and even old wheel barrels as planters. I love the idea of this, because it’s a cheap way to add a lot of character to your garden and it will have all of your friends lauding your creativity.

Many sites, including HGTV, have instructions on how to make your own mason jar herb gardens or planters. There’s so many things you can do with mason jars. You can paint them to look rustic. You can add chalk board, or labels to display the herb names. You can hang them, put them in planter boxes, or just strewn them around outside or inside your home. They are durable and so aesthetically pleasing. I am probably going to use this method for displaying my herbs this year! Herbs smell like heaven and can be grown even in the smallest of spaces. They are my favorite thing to plant.

Happy Spring!

Posted by Jennifer Hubbard