Ridge Hill Social

The Ridge Hill Social hosted here in the showroom of The Cabinetry was a success! Fellow parents mixed ‘n’ mingled about the showroom snacking on tasty treats and refreshing beverages. Preparation for the party began early in the week as the Cabinetry staff all chipped in to make the event a fun and lively experience.

The delicious food was catered by Tara Hollander, a Norwell local and owner of Doorknock Dinners; http://www.doorknockdinners.com/  We love Tara’s service of offering fresh, homemade meals for families on the go.  We have given several of our clients the service during their kitchen remodels as we know how hard and hectic the remodeling process can be.  Client’s have raved about Tara’s terrific meals and great service so we knew she was the perfect choice for out party!


The social was the perfect opportunity for parents to re-connect with one another and create new acquaintances. One of the surprises of the night was a gift card to The Tinker’s Son, a local hotspot in Norwell that’s always a good time!

Good times and laughs were had by all as the topic of conversation ranged from “the best bouncy-house” parks to the cute antics of kid’s.

To finish off the night we wanted to send guests home with a nice remembrance so we made take-away bags filled with homemade candy, a veggie peeler and local Scout Guide. It was a great night and we can’t wait to host our next event here at The Cabinetry!