Personality Plus!

Last night I attended another great IFDA Event (International Furnishings and Design Association)!  It was hosted at the fabulous Miele showroom in Wellsley, MA.  This event was by far one of the most fun and lively events to date (since I like to cook and love to eat!!).  The event featured Creative Holiday Appetizers with Chef Bill.   I was on name tag duty, positioned at the front door and greeted guests as they arrived.  “It smells so good in here!!” guests delighted as I helped to get them situated and directed them to the coat check and beverage station.  Scattered about the showroom was an array of tasty treats!  There were pulled pork sandwiches with Coleslaw, Caprese sandwiches,  Stuffed figs and more!

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Once guests had a chance to re-connect with one another and peruse the beautiful Miele appliances it was time for a food demonstration by Chef Bill. He started with an awesome Shrimp Pad Tai dish that was quick and tasty (my favorite combo!!) passing out samples to the eager audience. He has such a great personality, injecting humor and wit making the demonstration a lively and entertaining show for all to watch.

I have to say I’ve always been a fan of gas cooking but after Chef Bill’s demonstration of the induction cooktop by Miele it seems like that’s the way to go if your thinking of getting new appliances. It’s quick to heat and cool capability, slick design and easy-to-clean surface definitely sold me! He also demonstrated the periscoping stainless steel hood that is truly a marvel and makes for a highly functioning space.

The next creation was Bananas Foster of the famed Resteraunt Brennans in New Orleans. Bill showed onlookers how to impress with a flambé technique lighting the bananas and brown sugar mix on fire with rum. Everyone was able to sample the delicious desert, ending the night on a sweet note!

Chef Bill was truly a gem!!  Check out his website at for recipes, events, services and more!