New Orleans Inspired!

Last year I took a trip to New Orleans.

While most people revel in the night life of the French Quarter, I was blown away by the architecture.

The French Quarter has a lot of French-style architecture with the famous fleur-de-lis on the balcony railings.

But if you walk around you can also see different styles of New Orleans homes. My favorite was the Raised Center Hall Cottage, which we saw in the Garden District.

This type of home is often one and a half stories and has six columns along the front. I could picture myself sitting on the front porch drinking a mint julep.

The American Townhouse, which we also saw in the Garden District, is a narrow three-story building that is low to the ground and often has a balcony on the second story.

The Double Gallery-House, a two story-home with columns supporting the balcony, is also prevalent in The Garden District. We saw this home which was reminiscent of that style.

The Cabinetry specializes in customizing interior spaces, so I couldn’t help but daydream what it’d be like to take the feeling of New Orleans and bring it into my home. I did some digging and here’s what I came up with.

Ballard Designs has this lovely set of Garden District inspired mirrors for the home. They are $229 and I’d love to add them to my space.

When I think New Orleans, I think color. Artist Diane Millsap has gorgeous New Orleans paintings for sale on the internet at only around $50.

You could also take any vintage piece of furniture and have it painted bright colors. For example, this mirror was painted bright purple and this chest was painted a vibrant bluish green!

I loved that after her kitchen remodel, one woman decided to take the sign from one of her favorite New Orleans restaurants and have it printed on a place mat.

Inspired by the New Orleans ornamental ironwork, Gracie Iron Work Art sells a piece of wall art which could be hung outside in a garden or styled into the interior of your home. At only $69 , this is an affordable way to bring the Big Easy into your home.

This just shows that you can use any place or any thing for inspiration.

Have fun with it!

Posted by Jennifer