Metal Countertops?

Grothouse Lumber, started in 1994, is known for being one of the premiere places to get custom wood countertops. They have a myriad of wood choices, cuts, edges and styles that are just not available other places. They just came out with a line of wood countertops that imitate metal and we LOVE them. They are called Anvil Metal Countertops.
We ordered our own box of samples for the show room so we can start incorporating them into our designs. I can picture these sleek gold and silver countertops incorporated into a classic black and white kitchen- adding a gorgeous touch of elegance and character to the space.

These countertops are great because the edges can be formed into complex shapes, which were not previously available due to the limitations of sheet metal. If you look at pictures of metal countertops online, the only edge shape is the straight slightly rounded or perfectly square ones. They also just look sooooo luxurious.


These countertops come in any edge treatment that they offer for their wood countertops and they are also available in their Durata finish. The Durata finish is food safe, water proof, very durable (scratch resistant) and impervious to household chemicals.

The metal look comes from real metal particles which are coated onto the wood. Just like real metal countertops these will have a rich aged patina (a sheen produced by age, wear and polishing). The natural grain and imperfections of the wood will also show through giving these tops a lot of character.


These countertops have a 6-8 week lead time if you decide to order one. They come with a one year warranty from Grothouse and are super easy to clean. We can’t wait to start featuring them!

Posted by Jennifer Hubbard