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Hingham, MA

The Cabinetry has roots dating back to 1960, so we have a long history in the cabinet business. Three generations of the MacDonald family have worked in the cabinet industry in manufacturing, design and R&D. Today this experience has come full circle to The Cabinetry where we have a team of experienced cabinet designers who love nothing more than to deliver exceptionally creative designs and help their client’s vision come to life. We love nothing more than seeing the reaction on a client’s face when they see their new cabinets installed in their kitchen or bathroom. If you are looking for a customized and unique design that is created specifically for your lifestyle call The Cabinetry. We have decades of experience delivering quality cabinetry design.

  • We are an experienced team of seven Hingham, MA designers
  • We offer a wide breadth of quality cabinets that meet a variety of needs
  • We listen and deliver design that meets the needs of our clients
  • We only work with cabinet manufacturers that offer not only quality but the latest in cabinet style and function

The Cabinetry is all you need when you want to transform any room in your home with beautiful new cabinets. Don’t just take our word for it – give us a call today or drop by our showroom for a visit.

Experienced Custom Cabinet Designers in Hingham, MA

Hingham, MA is a historic seaside community just 15 miles outside of Boston along the Boston Harbor. With 6 distinct historic districts, it has been able to maintain its charming character. Many residents love the old colonial and antique homes that can be found throughout Hingham. There are generations of families living in this well-established Boston community.

With such beautiful homes to enjoy, why would anyone need to go anywhere else? Homeowners in this lovely community often stay close to home to enjoy what it has to offer. Staying at home, more often, usually includes making their home stylish and at the same time functional for their lifestyle. For this reason so many residents have turned to custom cabinet designers for their kitchen and built-in needs. When a Hingham resident truly understand what a cabinet designer has to offer they are eager to work with us to create something distinctive to their home.

Hingham Creative Cabinet Solutions

At The Cabinetry, we have award-winning designers with decades of cabinet design experience. Their creative design solutions are the reason why our services are always in such high demand. The creative designs of our experts are the reason why so many in Hingham now have more functional spaces in their homes.

Our customers benefit from the added storage they gain from our creative cabinet solutions. Regardless of how extensive your project might be; our designers are eager to accept and meet the challenge. They take total control of your remodeling needs by effortlessly executing your vision.


Love what you see? Let’s get to work!
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Love what you see?
Let’s get to work!

What We Love Most About Hingham, MA

There truly is no place like home but in Hingham, MA where there are beautiful historic homes, a charming seaside downtown and plenty of restaurants and cafes. This is also, likely, why you love living here. The things that many of our customers love about this community include:

  • Bare Cove Park’s lovely trails, where they can either walk or bike along Back River
  • Hanging out at World’s End taking in the incredible views of Hingham Harbor and Boston
  • The beautiful 3000 acres of woodlands at Wompatuck State Park, where they can enjoy the great outdoors all-year-round.

If your current home remodeling or renovation project is keeping you from enjoying Hingham’s beauty then it’s time to do something about it and contact The Cabinetry. We will walk you through the design and installation of your newly designed cabinetry. You can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the process while our talented team of professionals in Hingham, MA bring you through the process. We have a proven formula that works so let us show you! Please give us a call today for a free consultation in our showroom.