The Cabinetry wins Best of Boston 2017 for cabinets

Marlene MacDonald Ketchen, founder and President of The Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Design Studio, is proud to announce that her company has won “Best Cabinets” in the 2017 guide, “Best of Boston Home,” published by Boston Magazine.

The Boston Magazine publishes this annual guide, in which they poll industry experts and homeowners to find the best designers, craftspeople, and retailers. This year’s guide, their tenth, found 137 of the best of the region to include in the magazine. The Cabinetry Kitchen & Bath Design Studio was selected for “Best Cabinets” in the South region.

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Sensational Summer Smoothie!

So, I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately and after recently returning from a trip to Hawaii, where I had several amazing smoothies, one of which being a chocolate protein concoction from the Whole Foods on Maui (that I can’t seem to get locally here in MA??!!) I became determined to try and find a recipe I could make at home. This was further fueled by a trip to Vela (the go to place for smoothies in Plymouth) over the weekend where I had a yummy, yet pricy creation.

What do you do when you want to find something? Google it of course!

Chocolate SmoothieI was delighted to see several options pop-up. Among them was a recipe on a new site that I was unfamiliar with – “Minimalist Baker“…I immediately fell in love with the look and concept of the site. Quick, healthy meals with a vegan/vegetarian bend. What more could I ask for!!?? I read through the ingredients, and have to admit as much as I was impressed by the overall site was a bit skeptical of the ingredients…I went on to read the reviews and comments…so good so far.

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Taste of Heaven!

So I love this new mag – Naturally , Danny Seo. The tag line says it all…”where style meets sustainability”. It’s full of great articles and wonderful recipes! The latest issue, Spring 2016 had a few recipes I couldn’t resist trying. I am always looking for new, healthy dishes to mix things up in the kitchen and keep me from the food rut I often find myself in. I don’t eat as much Kale as I know I should and since it’s full of nutrients and cancer fighting properties I was psyched to find the Messaged Kale, Avocado & Mango Salad in this issue. It’s easy to make and full of flavor. I paired it with a baked salmon and together they made for a tasty meal – felt like something I would have a hip restaurant in the city dining Al fresco. I’ve included the recipe here so you can try it out too! It’s perfect for the approaching warm weather as a summer dish for a gathering of family & friends! I was so impressed with this salad that it’s inspired me to find more recipes using kale – hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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New England Charm

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer why not head to Rockport, MA! It’s about a 45 min drive North of Boston and would be the perfect weekend get-away – whether it be a romantic weekend for two, or a whole family affair. I was recently in Rockport for computer training session and although it was still about a month away from the summer season it was clear why this is a perfect summer destination. If you are looking for great beaches, amazing seafood and quint galleries & curiosity shops than this is the place for you! It’s quintessential New England charm is sure to be a big hit!

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Spring time=Garden time!

I love Spring time. It’s just starting to get warm after months of frost and there’s so much promise in the air. It’s like you can smell the sunshine. My first thought upon going outside was, “when can I start my herb garden?” Using that as my inspiration, I scoured the web and here are some of my favorite quirky garden ideas.

On the website Dump A Day, they had several fun planter ideas, but my favorite was this beautiful bike. They painted it, attached baskets to the front and back, and planted flowers in the baskets. Not only could this be done inexpensively (most people have old bikes in their basement) it looks amazing.

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Metal Countertops?

Grothouse Lumber, started in 1994, is known for being one of the premiere places to get custom wood countertops. They have a myriad of wood choices, cuts, edges and styles that are just not available other places. They just came out with a line of wood countertops that imitate metal and we LOVE them. They are called Anvil Metal Countertops.
We ordered our own box of samples for the show room so we can start incorporating them into our designs. I can picture these sleek gold and silver countertops incorporated into a classic black and white kitchen- adding a gorgeous touch of elegance and character to the space.

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What is Thermofoil?

Thermofoil cabinets are MDF or engineered wood covered with a thin sheet of vinyl or laminate- which give it the appearance of hardwood or veneer. Generally, thermofoil cabinets have gotten a bad rep for being the cheap step brother of wooden painted cabinets. While thermofoil cabinets do tend to be cheaper in price than their wooden counterparts (a plus for those on a budget!) they also have many benefits.

Thermofoil cabinets are very durable. They are incredibly resistant to moisture- which can seep into your wooden cabinets and cause warping due to expansion and contraction. This is especially great for places in high humidity areas where warpage can become a real problem.

These cabinets are also more resistant to stains and are generally easier to clean. They only need to be wiped down once in awhile with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner. They also resist the chipping that can be common on a lot of painted cabinets (and we all know that the most popular type of cabinet is the white painted one).

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Reclaimed Wood: A Lesson in History?

Reclaimed wood is wood which has been previously used (maybe it used to be an old barn, factory, ect.) that has been re-purposed in your home. This is not a new idea, but it’s been gaining TONS of popularity in the past few years. It’s an environmentally sound way to add a lot of character to your home. The fact that it’s aged gives it a different, almost historical, aesthetic. We’ve used it with recent clients and have been able to create a stunning blend of country chic.

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White is hotter than ever! We all know it’s been the reigning champ in kitchen cabinetry for quite some time but it has recently emerged as an all over contender for interior design. Designers like Studio McGee are using white in all areas of the home creating desirable interiors that are fresh, modern and bright!

I have to admit I was lured to this trend early on. I moved into a new apartment about a year and half ago and it was the first place I have ever lived that I did not have to immediately paint every room before settling in. The walls, a pleasant light blue-grey with white trim, allowed me to take my time deciding how I wanted my space to feel and how to best to decorate my new space. An avid Pinterest lover I noticed a theme running through many of my recent pins – open spaces with lots of white. It also complimented the minimalist ideals and modern sensibilities I have come to admire and have recently started implementing into my life.

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The Laundry Room: An Untapped Treasure

The laundry room offers some great untapped opportunities for style and functionality! You can get sassy counters, or sparkling hardware! You can add tile with pizzazz and hide roll outs and bins in so many places! Since laundry rooms are typically pretty small, the cost is usually a lot less than a kitchen or bathroom renovation. And if you add this room into an existing renovation, it usually helps lower the cost. This gives you the power to add flourishes you wouldn’t normally be able to. There are so many things you can do with it!

Here are some things to consider when doing a laundry room renovation:

Where in the home do you want to put it?: Do you want the laundry room upstairs or in a basement? Proximity to the kitchen/bedrooms can be great- you don’t need to carry your dirty laundry all over the house. You can also think about sharing the plumbing lines with the kitchen/bathroom to lower cost. But it also requires extra insulation to cancel out the noise and if there’s ever a leak it can cause damage to other rooms.

What are your laundry habits?: How often you wash clothes and whether or not you fold them on a counter? Do you need a laundry room sink for soaking clothes? Do you generally hang things up to dry? Iron them? Do you need room for laundry baskets in the room? Or cleaning supplies? All of these questions are really going to effect how you lay out your space.

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