Use Pops of Color to Energize Your White Kitchen

There is a reason that more than 50% of homeowners in South Shore, MA and nationwide choose white as the primary color for their new dream kitchens.  White offers a bright, crisp look that can make a kitchen space look more expansive and provide a feeling of calm and serenity. Several reasons why white kitchens are the go-to option for so many homeowners in South Shore, MA include the timeless nature of a white kitchen.  White is never out of style.  Additionally, because of white kitchens’ ability to withstand the test of time, your new white kitchen remodeling project increases the value of your home when you are ready to sell it.

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A Wise Investment At Any Time

Homeowners in South Shore, MA that make an investment in a new dream kitchen and/or bath are not only making the lives of their family members more enjoyable, they also are making an investment that increases the value of their homes.  Many homeowners in South Shore, MA decide that they want a new kitchen design, primary bath, powder room, etc. to increase the enjoyment of their home, to provide a haven to reduce stress and spend a few moments of the day all to themselves.  Homeowners in South Shore, MA recognize that a new kitchen will bring years of enjoyment to their family, make meal preparation and clean up more enjoyable and easier, provide additional space when they work from home, schooling from home or having an enjoyable meal with friends.

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Best Practices for Planning Your Primary Bath Remodeling Project

Increasingly, homeowners in South Shore, MA who continue to spend most of their time in their homes, want their homes to perform better.  The desire for better home performance has caused home renovation and bathroom remodeling in South Shore, MA to boom.  As a leading expert on kitchen and bath renovations in South Shore, MA, we help homeowners create new spaces that not only improves their homes’ performance, but also improves their family members’ lives and happiness.

Many homeowners in South Shore, MA need a space in their home that they can call their own; a space where they can take a few minutes of the day all to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets and even small feet to relax and wash away the stresses of the day.  That space can be the primary bath.

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Why You Need a Mudroom in Your Kitchen Design

Mudrooms are the first line of defense against clutter in a kitchen design for homeowners in South Shore, MA. Mudrooms provide a place for coats, hats, gloves, shoes, balls, toys, backpacks, grocery bags and a host of other items that homeowners in South Shore, MA and their families have when they enter their home. And those items often find their way to the floor, furniture, railings and countertops if there is a not a defined space to store them.

Designing a mudroom, like designing a kitchen, begins with focusing on the functional.  What does your family need to store when they use the main entrance to the home? How much space is available? Even if you don’t have a dedicated “room” you can create mudroom functionality in an area off your kitchen or a wall in a hallway. That’s why functionality is the first, but certainly, not the only consideration. How many hooks, bins, shelves, benches, seats, rings, etc. will you need and how will they be used? Once basic functionality is addressed, imagine how you can maximize the use, look and feel of the space. We have incorporated the laundry room as part of a mudroom and also have included pantries in our mudroom designs. Many homeowners in South Shore, MA love having a sink at their primary entrance that enables them to wash their hands as soon as they enter the home. If the sink is deep enough it can double as a pet washing station as well.  We often recommend placing a shower over the sink to help clean garden tools, rubber boots and even fruits and vegetables.

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The Need for Peace in A Bathroom Remodel

As many homeowners in South Shore, MA have spent a majority of their time in their homes for that  past 30 months or so, several trends have emerged.  One is the need for quiet time away from the demands of emails, texts, tweets, schedules, and other daily life chaos. That trend is reflected in the 2021 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. Two-thirds of homeowners who renovated their primary bathroom did so to provide a space where they could rest and relax.  In other words, they created an in-home spa.

The desire for an in-home sanctuary has encourage many homeowners in South Shore, MA to remodel their primary baths. After making the decision, they quickly realize the benefits of having a calming, hygienic space where they can spend a few minutes all to themselves to wash away the stresses of the day. Regardless of style preference – modern, transitional or traditional – homeowners in South Shore, MA can easily create an in-home spa that feature many of the following components:

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Behind Kitchen Cabinets Door Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…

Many homeowners in South Shore, MA spend many hours researching different options, styles, colors, textures and products for the kitchen of their dreams. Thankfully, many homeowners in South Shore, MA create idea books and save pictures of kitchens and products that they like.  This information can make your customer journey a lot easier and less stressful and time consuming.

The style of kitchen cabinets that homeowners in South Shore, MA select for their dream kitchen sets the tone for the space and generates the vibe that determines how a kitchen will look and feel. Door options are almost unlimited depending on your style, taste and budget. The following guidance can help you determine the right door for your dream kitchen.

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The Right Size for Your Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the most used fixture in your kitchen design. Think about how many roles your sink plays.  It’s the place for dirty dishes. It’s where you wash fruits and vegetables.  It’s where you fill pots and pans.  The list can go on and on.  And there is no shortage of options.  Kitchen sinks come in an infinite number of sizes, textures, materials and depths.  Which one is right for homeowners in South Shore, MA? That depends on several; factors and questions that homeowners in South Shore, MA need to answer to specify the perfect sink for their lifestyle and family.

It may seem like common sense, but the size of the kitchen sink should be proportional to the size of the kitchen.  Homeowners with a large kitchen that can accommodate multiple countertops, have more options than homeowners in South Shore, MA with smaller sized kitchens.  A smaller footprint generally calls for a sink that will meet most kitchen requirements without compromising countertop space or storage areas. As a rule of thumb, if you place your kitchen sink in front of a window, the sink’s width should be no wider than the window.

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A Planning Template for a Dream Kitchen

Planning a dream kitchen design is not something that most homeowners in South Shore, MA do at the spur of a moment. Almost every one of our clients comes to our showroom after having spent considerable time researching different products, styles and options. Yet, we find that many homeowners in South Shore, MA don’t know where to start. Our showroom is here to help.

Begin with the big picture. Determine how you want your kitchen to function, look and feel. What tasks will you and fellow family members do in your new kitchen? Are you or a member of your family a gourmet cook or do you approach meal preparation as a task? Will you want to kitchen to double as a classroom, office social hub or offer some other functionality? What is most important? What type of design statement do you want to make? What feeling do you want to experience every time you enter the kitchen after the renovation is completed? These are big picture questions that once answered help to provide a professional designer with a blueprint to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Answering these questions also helps to make other decisions easier and faster because you have identified the goals for the project and your family.

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Last year was among the busiest and most hectic times ever experienced by most kitchen and bath showrooms, ours included. Do we want a repeat in 2022? Not really, because of the continued uncertainty with supply chains, labor markets, pricing and scheduling. Homeowners in South Shore, MA, confined to their homes, realized that their homes did not work as well as they needed to and homeowners did not work as well for their homes either. Our neighbors in South Shore, MA realized that they needed their kitchens and baths to serve multiple new functions and were willing to make the investment to improve their homes for their families. They recognized the value of a dream kitchen design that also could serve as classroom, dining room, café, and office among other functions. Homeowners in in South Shore, MA relished the thought of an in-home spa where they could spend a few minutes of everyday just to themselves, devoid of texts, tweets, family demands and outside noise to relax, recharge and wash away the stresses of daily life.

For our showroom it was a perfect storm and then the reality of supply chain challenges raged across our bow. The supply chain is currently not working and there is no easy fix. Cabinet, countertop and appliance manufacturers can’t get the materials, products, labor or transportation to offer delivery dates that were once considered standard. Omicron has given no rest to the weary. Major ports remain backed up in record numbers. Shipping and trucking companies can’t find a sufficient number of drivers to meet demand, further exacerbating delivery times and scheduling. Attracting installation and trade professionals that homeowners in South Shore, MA expect and deserve is nearly impossible. All of these challenges affect timelines, but there is no need to delay planning the kitchen of your dreams.

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On Trend: Inspiration for Your Dream Kitchen

If you are planning to create a dream kitchen in 2022, take advantage of one of the industry’s largest and most respected surveys of trends to use as a source of inspiration.

Key takeaways for homeowners in South Shore, MA from the 2022 Kitchen Trends study include:

  • Homeowners investing more in their new kitchens than in prior years
  • Homeowners are demanding more private/enclosed spaces
  • Relying on professional designers and remodelers are increasing
  • Islands remain a top priority in new kitchens
  • Homeowners are splurging more on countertops

The survey results mirror trends we see among homeowners in South Shore, MA. Almost half of homeowners reconfigure the layout when creating the kitchen of their dreams. However, open floor plans where the kitchen opens to other rooms in the home are decreasing. The Houzz survey found that only 38% of homeowners opted for an open floor plan compared to 46% in 2020. This is not surprising given that so many homeowners in South Shore, MA require their new kitchens to provide flexibility and serve multiple functions such as classroom, office, cafe, dining room, etc. This places a premium on separate and enclosed spaces.

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