Ideas to Improve the Efficiency of Your Bathroom

A well-designed bathroom should have the right kinds of storage to make the occupants’ lives easier. Because bathroom space is often limited, there is a greater premium on organizational tools. In master and secondary baths and even powder rooms, the vanity often does the heavy lifting for storage, and thanks to recent innovations, storage options have increased significantly.

When storage space is at a premium, vanities with open shelves create storage space for towels and baskets around drains, traps and other plumbing components. Open shelving is an extremely attractive option that can provide a visual focal point. Just keep in mind you’ll want to keep it styled which might take some work.

Shelves and roll out drawers maximize the space under and around plumbing in vanities with doors. Roll out drawers can hold baskets or be equipped with dividers for cosmetics, towels, brushes, etc. We can customize vanities with drawers and pull-out shelves that help to minimize loss of storage space caused by plumbing that flows through the vanity to the sink and faucets. We can also wire vanity drawers with outlets so your hair dryer or flat iron can be stored in a drawer and easily plugged in and ready to use.

And, let’s not forget about the handy storage in a medicine cabinet! The best ones are recessed into the wall between the studs and not mounted on the surface of the wall. I encourage my clients who are gutting their bathrooms to have the framing reworked while the walls are open. You never know when the need for storage might change and it’s cost prohibitive to add one in after the fact.

There are many kitchen storage solutions that can be adapted to the bath. For example, vertical pull outs are commonly used in kitchens for spices and can also be used to effectively store bath items in small slivers of space.

Toe kicks can make space along the floor functional for storing less commonly used items such as back up rolls of toilet tissue. Tip out trays behind the drawer head in front of the sink are handy. They can be used for storing tooth brushes, tooth paste, dental floss and other small items.

Outfitting drawers and storage space with adjustable compartments, reconfigurable bins, vertical dividers and spice racks (think small medicine bottles) provide endless opportunities to get great functionality out of a beautiful looking new bathroom.

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