Darth Vader’s Kitchen…Luke’s Livingroom….

Everyone and their mother are running off to the theaters this weekend/week to see the new Star Wars movie- Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Star Wars is an icon. Star Wars is beloved by everyone and instantly recognizable.

I saw an article on Houzz about bringing the themes of The Grand Budapest Hotel into your home. But not everyone loves that movie. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, loves Star Wars. What better way to show your love and appreciation of this timeless movie than to bring it into your home? But you don’t want your home to scream Sci-Fi nerd, so here are some ways I thought this could be done in a subtle tasteful way.

When I think of Star Wars, I think of space, gadgetry, metal… and lucky for me metallics are popular in home design right now. The Centsational Girl, Kate Riley, talks about adding metallic furniture to her home.  One piece was a gold dresser that to me was reminiscent of C-3PO.

And Noteworthy posted this metallic silver chest on Pinterest:

This reminds me of the ship, of space, of R2-D2- all of it. And it would work really well with a black or white wall and as a compliment to the metallic gold.

This white couch paired with a black accent wall and the metallic dressers would be a clean and classy way to bring the colors of Star Wars together without being overt. This is reminiscent of Storm Troopers, of the main characters white robes- a ton of the movie’s elements.

Restoration Hardware (and Pottery Barn) has furry brown throw blankets and throw pillows which remind me of Chewbacca- everyone’s favorite Wookie! But they are tasteful and understated, and would match perfectly with the white couch, or a black one, keeping with the theme.

Etsy has some understated Star Wars wall art prints that could be hung throughout the room. They are cute and add interest without being too over the top. Here the Star Wars characters are pictured in black and white with suits:

These could be arranged over the couch in an interesting pattern or scattered throughout the room.

This Star Wars themed art adds pops of color into your room; however, you wouldn’t realize it was Star Wars unless you got real close to it and read it. It adds interest to the room without being overt. You could add colored frames in blue, red and green to represent the light sabers. Or…

You could bring color into the room using these neon pendant lights I found on Etsy. The neon string and the colored lights are reminiscent of light sabers.

You could also use stark black cabinets with white a white island/counters and pops of stainless steel. This kitchen is gorgeous and I would love to live in it; however, I could picture Darth Vader in this kitchen, cooking pancakes and chocolate chip cookies. The light and the dark also match the movies thematically. Good vs. Evil! But white and black are still so classic.

May the Force be with you…

Posted by Jennifer Hubbard