Colorful Confections…

So we were preparing for the Ridge Hill event here at The Cabinetry and I thought it would be fun to make some white chocolate candy as a fun party favor. I love making Peppermint Bark around the holidays…it’s so pretty and tasty! It’s always a huge success and is relatively easy and fun to make.

It’s a little early in the season for the traditional red-and-white peppermint candies I usually make so I thought I would try a variation using butterscotch candies and pretty colored sprinkles instead of candy canes which is normally used to make the bark. I also found these cute glass jars at a local craft store that have a country charm and are reminiscent of something you would find in an old fashioned general store. The irregular jagged pieces of colorful confections placed in small glass jars and finished off with a green and white ribbon are sure to please all the visiting parents.

Making the candy is simple…first you get candy chips (which can also be found at craft stores) and then melt them in a double boiler (or make your own boiler as I do with a smaller plan placed inside a larger pan of boiling water). Spray aluminum baking pans in the desired size with a non-stick spray so the candy will not stick to the sides of the pan. Once the chocolate has melted spread it into the baking pans.

I usually put the desired candy, which will be placed on top of the chocolate, in plastic zip-lock bags so I can crush it up using a hammer or meat tenderizer…the small candy pieces then get sprinkled on the chocolate and then everything is put inside the freezer to harden. Virtually anything can be crushed up and put on the chocolate…so have fun experimenting!! Once the candy has hardened, pop the large piece out from the tray onto a cutting board or solid surface that can endure some more hammering. Use the tenderizer to break up the candy into smaller, fun shaped pieces. The pieces can be arranged on trays, put into interesting jars or containers even placed in matching cupcake wrappers for individual, mess-free presentation.

Here is the finished product…perfect for parties, picnics or any other event that may call for a sweet, colorful confection!!