Collaborate & Innovate!

I’m so excited to unveil the final design for BBK Worldwide, a local company in Needham, Mass.! Earlier this year, Joan and Bonnie, founding principals of BBK, came to me with a vision of custom cabinets uniquely designed to complement their new office space. To accommodate the company’s recent growth, the two women planned to relocate to an office twice the size of their previous office location.

Inspired by how the contemporary architecture of nurse stations in hospitals enables easy access to patients, BBK’s new space was designed to re-think where and how their employees work. The circular open-concept architecture (think pod-like structures) of BBK’s new space is designed to support collaboration and innovation from within, facilitating a streamlined partnership and exchange. With this in mind, we were able to create several different custom cabinet designs to accommodate the open-concept of the company’s new space. A warm neutral pallet with bright pops of color were used to create an inviting office space for employees and clients.

The design process was a collaborative effort with BBK where the goal was to create a unique working environment – and that’s just what it turned out to be!

The vision behind the office kitchen was to offer a clean look with sleek accents. The white finish of the cabinets complement the gray flooring below and the white floating ceiling above.

Across from the kitchen are more custom cabinets designed for BBK’s finance department. These cabinets were not only designed to be used as organizational storage, but the tops were designed to be used as a functional work space. Similar to the kitchen area work space, there are additional collaboration spaces within each department (six in total), which also serve as trash kiosks. The custom kiosks were designed to enclose the trash and recycling receptacles. Each bin sits on a shelf attached to the cabinet door. In addition to housing the trash and recycling bins, the kiosks were designed to have workable surface tops for room to collaborate and to de-clutter the work space.

Another unique feature of this project was the custom-made cabinets designed for the company’s creative department. This department’s requirements were a little less straight forward than the finance department’s due to the nature of their work. The cabinetry in the collaboration area was custom designed to provide organized storage for BBK’s project jackets. The drawer boxes were made at a custom height to accommodate the jackets, and each drawer has removable dividers to create slots that expand in width depending on the size of the project. Here’s a sample of the final finish.