Clever Cabinetry…

We are working on a kitchen and bath renovation in Hull, MA and after visiting the site I can’t help but be inspired by the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The house is sitting on the end of a peninsula and the view is simply breath-taking. It is as if you are standing on the ocean! One of the fun details the client suggested was making one of the base cabinets in the kitchen moveable to act as an additional server during large family gatherings. The base cabinet appears to be part of a long run of cabinetry when in place, but can be pulled-out from the run and moved about the room to provide a serving and cutting board that can be brought right up to the table! Quite clever! The cabinet is positioned on casters and has a built-in walnut cutting board that will be mounted to the top. The pictures below show the cabinetry installation in progress and the spectacular view (which I couldn’t leave out!). We can’t wait to see the finished design and the moveable base cabinet in action!

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