Christmas Comes Early…

Christmas came early to The Cabinetry this year as Tony Litto of Sounsdscapes Audio Video Systems ( came by yesterday afternoon to install a Sonos sound system.  Christmas music now flows through the showroom adding ambiance and a festive nature to our workplace.

We have wanted to add sound to the showroom for quite some time.  We have been renovating the showroom adding new technology (like our large flatscreen TV to showcase our work and give client presentations!) and updating cabinetry displays, so the Sonos system was the perfect choice to finally add sound to The Cabinetry.  The quality of sound is amazing and we are thrilled to finally have some music to liven the space!

Tony was great! He installed the system quickly and gave us a thorough explanation of Sonos, and how to operate it. The revolution in sound technology, being able to incorporate sound throughout the home and extend it to outdoor entertainment spaces is amazing. The new systems are so compact and can be incorporated into a home design or remodel without compromising the esthetics of the home while providing high quality sound in vertically every space of the home.