Capturing Youth

My son is 5 years old and my daughter 3 and I just love these ages!  They are so sweet (most of the time!) and so innocent.  So when Sue Dobbels, owner of Framer’s Edge ( in Braintree told me she was hosting an artist in her shop to paint oil painting portraits I jumped at the chance to permanently capture my kids’ image in such a unique, timeless way.  The artist, Dianne Panarelli Miller, was amazing!  What a talent she has for portraying people on canvas using paint.  It’s something we don’t see much these days.  In fact, if Sue hadn’t hosted the artist in her shop I wouldn’t have known how to go about getting an oil painting done of my kids on the South Shore.  Dianne also does pets – while we were having the painting done there was a couple waiting to have their beloved dog painted!

Dianne was great with the kids.  They didn’t have to sit the entire time she painted.  They took turns sitting for a while and Dianne took their photo so she could work off of that too.  It was a great experience all around.  Sue helped us select the perfect silver toned frame for the painting.  In three weeks the painting will be completely dried and we can take it home to enjoy.  I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to capture a loved one or pet!  Give Sue a call at Framer’s Edge if you’re interested: 781-843-1795.