Another benefit of attending the KBIS show in Las Vegas, aside from seeing all the great new trends in kitchen and bath design, is to support BKBG (Bath & Kitchen Buying Group) that Marlene has been a part of since 2000. Before I was introduced to members at KBIS (and indeed it is a FUN group!!) Marlene raved about all the great connections she has made through BKBG. She emphasized to me how much it has helped her with The Cabinetry’s development to have a network of professionals throughout the country that she can reach out to for support, advice and to just have a good time!

As part of our contribution to the organization we manned the booth at the conference at appointed times looking for other perspective members that may be a good fit to BKBG. (Above: Marlene poses with Rob, a dealer from West Virginia, and quite the dancer I might add as were many of the other members!!) It was such a pleasure meeting everyone from BKBG at the conference! I wish I had more pics of everyone to include! The rest of the guys we met up with from the group Rick, Loius, Frank and Greg…it was fun dancing the night away after hours with you all!!

Marlene chatting with Nancy another dealer from Illinois.

Mingling at the Hafele soirée.

The latest in closet design.

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Marlene, who is acting Secretary / Treasurer with Betty, President of BKBG and manager of a dealership in Cleveland, out for Mexican on the strip.