A Day Trip in Portland, ME!

Despite living only two hours away from it, I’d never visited the city of Portland, Maine before.

We started off our day with a Latin inspired Brunch at Sonny’s restaurant. We sampled the Huevos Rancheros, the biscuits, the yam fries, and the Mac N’ Cheese with Chorizo. Everything we had was delicious and decently priced at only around $10 a plate. The windows had church stained glass, and the tables were rustic and beautiful. Brunch is served every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We walked around the city for awhile, checking out the adorable storefronts. The buildings were brick and many were adorned by gorgeous awnings and ivy. Some of the streets were cobbled, giving them an old-timey feel. Bands could be heard playing from various pubs and restaurants in the area.

We checked out the Thirsty Pig after our walk. This restaurant/tavern was mostly known for it’s various sausage options. There was metal flying pigs on the walls, and a host of interesting decor. One thing I found remarkable was the various animals, plants and creatures made out of tinfoil which were in the windows.

Along the harbor, there is a piece of the actual Berlin wall. It was like walking back in time and touching a piece of history.

There is also a restaurant named Dimillo’s, which is constructed out of a boat and is docked right along the water.

Our last stop was a basement bar/outdoor venue called Novare Res. The entrance was covered by a gorgeous ivy overhang and the patio area was decorated with umbrellas and graffiti art. It is a great place to sit at night with your friends.

It baffles me how many great places there are to see in New England. Stunning, charming towns just waiting to be explored. If you get the chance, definitely make the trip out to Portland. The food and the atmosphere will hook you immediately, and the art scene and shopping will keep you coming back.