A Day at the Farm…

So if your looking for something fun to do with the family this holiday weekend plan a trip to Weir River Farm! Located off Rt. 228 in Hingham, this family run farm boast 75 acres of farmland. The “Open Barnyard” is sure to delight young visitors where they will have an opportunity to interact with the pigs, horses, sheep, chickens and more!

The farm is adjacent to Whitney and Thayer Woods. A nice leisurely hike on one of the many trails would be the perfect end to the day after a visit with the animals.

I went a few months back to see the annual sheep shearing event. It was such a great day! I loved photographing all the animals and seeing the children enjoying the wonders of nature.

As each sheep was escorted out to be shaved the baby lambs were in suite – staying close to mom of course! The 4H kids were alsoin tow to mind the babies as mom got a hair cut! In addition to the shearing they had a handspinning demonstration to show how the freshly shaved wool is turned into yarn.

For more info on Weir River Farm check out the link below! The barnyard will be open tomorrow, September 5th so be sure to stop by!